A guy walks into his Psychiatrist’s office all worked up.  He’s pacing around the office and can’t sit still.  The doctor asks him what’s wrong…

Crazy Guy: “Doc!  I’m freaking out because I’m having these weird dreams.  They just keep repeating.  I can’t figure it out and it’s driving me crazy!”

Doc: “Calm down for a minute and tell me what you’re dreaming.  We’ll figure this out together.”

Crazy Guy: “OK.  Ok.  Whew.  Ok.  First I dream I’m a teepee; then I’m a wigwam; then I’m a teepee; then I’m a wigwam, and it goes on and on like that!  I’m freaking losing it!  You’ve gotta help me!”

Doc: “Ah, I’ve seen this before.  Don’t worry, I know exactly what your problem is.  You’re two tents!”


Enjoy, and you’re welcome!

-Humble Dave