So you want to learn a little about me?  Of COURSE you do; that’s why you’re here.  But there’s so much to tell, how can I possibly narrow it down to what you’ll find interesting?  I barely KNOW you!

How about a compromise?  I’ll drop a few tidbits here that will hopefully give you some insight into who I am, and update it from time to time so you’ll never get bored.  Well, you’ll probably get bored anyway, but fake it for me, would you?

I’m American and grew up in the northeast.  After graduating college I moved to Southern California and have been living the dream ever since.  Married, no kids, just turned 40.  Thinking about getting a dog.

I’m a very tactile person and love touching things.    I also like to write, although I’m mediocre at it.  I’m also very curious.  This are some of the reasons I picked up my product testing and reviewing hobby.  It scratches a lot of my itches.  Also, I guess if we’re being honest, I LOVE GETTING PACKAGES IN THE MAIL!  So much fun!  Every week there are boxes at my door.  What’s in it? I’m not sure!  WHEEEEEEEEE!

I’m mostly a happy person.  I like reading, movies, lounging in the sun at the beach or in parks (or on my couch).  I love technology.  I get separation anxiety if I’m more than 6 feet from my smartphone (currently rocking the international version of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge).

I like playing old school arcade machines. I like whiskey and craft beer. I like “quiet time.”  I love my wife, nieces and nephews (total cuteness overload), and all of my family. My friends are awesome.

What else?  I think that’s enough for now.  As always, thanks for reading!

-Humble Dave