Words On A Page

I know, I know, it’s been a while.  You’ve missed me.  “Where are Dave’s entertaining blogs,” you’ve asked?  “Why hasn’t he been amusing me like the trained monkey that he is?”

Haven’t been in the mood.  I have had (and am having) a tumultuous few months.  And not in a good way.  Wild changes in all aspects of my life whose repercussions have yet to be fully felt.  New career with no financial security, living arrangements in flux, HUGE life changes, continued pain and physical limitations following my neck surgery, and death of a very close family member are just what immediately come to mind.

But people keep telling me to write another blog, so here it is.  A bunch of words on a page.  Really, a screen.  Unless you print all my blogs out before you read them.  Do you do that?  That would be strange.  I periodically hear stories of people’s grandparents who find interesting articles on the internet, print them out and then mail them to their grandkids.  So it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility.

Anyway, words on a page.  Still not really feeling it.  Deedle-dee.  It’s hot outside.  It’s also hot inside.  I have a list of to-do’s and instead of doing the big things on it that stress me out I’ve been doing the little things that are easy.  Makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something even though really I’m not doing the things that are important.  Shoot, writing this wasn’t even on the list, that’s how far down my priorities this is right now.  But I happened to have the laptop on my lap, so this is what you get.  Words on a page.

I watched Ready Player One on the airplane yesterday.  It was mediocre.  Read the book instead.  I also watched Rampage.  It was better than I expected but… come on.  It’s a nearly 2 hour long movie based on a video game in the ’80’s where you played a giant monster and smashed buildings down.  Hollywood is really reaching these days.  What’s next, Centipede?  Pew Pew!

The gentleman sitting next to me on the plane was editing some restaurant menus.  The girl sitting next to him, whom he didn’t know prior to the trip, had a tattoo on her right wrist of a fork and spoon.  That was weird.

I’m playing a new game on my phone called “Hole.io”.  You control a small hole that gets bigger by eating parts of a city.  The bigger you get, the more you can eat.  Each game is 2 minutes long.  You can play against other people online, against others locally via bluetooth, or by yourself.  It’s a fun time-killer.  Check it out.

Oh, Jetblue has a new class of seats called, “Mint.”  They look neat.  No, I didn’t get to sit in them.

Anyways, I’m pretty much done with the words on this page.  I’m not editing or adding any pictures.  Serve over ice and enjoy.

-Humble Dave

6 thoughts on “Words On A Page

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been lobbed a hard one by life. But you’re still braving on, so that’s better than taking it lying down!

    I don’t know how you do it but even THIS post was funny and fun to read xD Don’t worry about blogging, go do what you have to do, we’ll be here when you come back, or if you decide to stop we’ll stand behind you on that! As the Chinese say, Jia You! (Keep Fighting/Keep Going!)

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  2. Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Chronic pain is so tiring. I do the headspace meditation app and one of the tenants is that life is always changing. Hope the changes start looking up for you soon.

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  3. Sorry to hear you’re going through a bramble patch. I obviously don’t know the details of your neck surgery and ongoing pain/issues, but something that helped me A LOT when nothing else did months after getting my cast off from a broken wrist is Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Formula. Sounds like snake oil, I know. It sounded too good to be true. Look it up on Amazon and read reviews. It seriously has helped me with several different chronic conditions. I hope all turns around for you soon. Hang in there!


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