Friday Fun –

Hooray!  Another episode of Friday Fun!  Today’s game is, an online multi-player game that is RIDICULOUSLY addictive.  Believe me, your whole office will want to get in on this one!

slitherio main

In, you start as a little snake moving around in a world filled with little glowing dots you have to eat to get bigger.  There is literally no limit to how big you can get!  What’s stopping you?  The other players!  As this is a multiplayer game there are tens to hundreds of people playing at any given time.  If you run into the side of another snake you die and turn into a bunch of glowing dots for them to eat.

slitherio eat dots

I cannot emphasize how much fun this game actually is!  There’s also a TON of strategy for a game that uses a mouse and one button to play.  You see, you can speed up (temporarily) to zoom ahead of an opponent and cut them off.  Remember, if they run into you they’ll turn into a bunch of glowing dots you can eat (see above).  This is by far the fastest way to grow.  If you’re particularly clever you can circle an enemy and trap them, slowly tightening until they’re done!

slitherio circleslitherio circle eat

The game board is huge, but there is an edge so it keeps everyone fairly contained.  Plenty of room to scrounge in the emptier spots or fight for your life in the center.  My favorite strategy is to go straight to the center and hang around until one of the bigger snakes gets killed then try and grab as many of their dots as I can.  Either grow fast or game over!  FUN!

Anyway, go give it a try!  The game is and you can click any of the links in this post to get there.  Enjoy!

As always, thanks for reading and you’re welcome.

Living the Dream,
Humble Dave

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