El Doggo Destructo, or El Pupper Perfecto?

We got a dog.  And not just any dog.  Well, actually, we really don’t know what kind of dog we got. He’s a mutt.  They told us he’s a Malinois/Lab mix.  One day we’ll do a DNA test and find out.  Today is not that day.   I don’t see any lab in this guy.  Malinois?  Who knows.  Those are the dogs the military use to find bombs and hunt terrorists.  These dogs can learn just about anything.  I’m terrified that I got a dog significantly smarter than me.

We rescued him from The Barking Lot (TBL) dog rescue (donate here).  TBL primarily rescues dogs from high kill shelters, but has also been rescuing them from Asia’s dog meat trade by working with the Soi Dog Foundation.  Our dog Cody was dropped off as a stray to a shelter in Riverside, CA in December of 2016 (or January 2017, I don’t remember).  No information was relayed to that shelter, so Cody’s history is a mystery.  He was not neutered, so they did it there.  Ouch.  TBL found him an brought him to San Diego in late January, and we brought him home March 1st.  Although we’re not sure about his breed, we do know a couple things:

  1. He is definitely male.  Although I’m not a vet, the penis is a dead giveaway.
  2. We’re fairly confident that he’s a dog.  He definitely smells like one.


Okay, so I just went to quickly grab a couple of photos of him to prove his dogness, and ended up spending the last hour or so looking through pics and remembering the madness of when we first brought him home.  He was SO CUTE.


I mean, come on.  That’s what cuteness is.  But take another look.  He has a knowing look in his eye.  He has a big brain in that enormous melon he calls a head.  Frankly, I suspect he’s only half-listening to me.  One ear is trained on North Korea, and the other is monitoring Chinese subs in the Pacific.

Anyway, I spent too much time reminiscing in photos and now it’s bedtime, so I’ll have to pick this up tomorrow.  Actually, before I go I should give a brief explanation as to the title of this blog.

20170314_113019 (1)


This is El Doggo Destructo. Why are his paws in the water bucket?  That’s not even his bucket.  It was the communal drinking water for the whole dog park.  But no, his paws were dirty.  They can drink when he’s done.



20170814_170159 (1)


This is El Pupper Perfecto.  He loves all the people and all the dogs and just wants to playall the time!  He’s super excited to be doing whatever it is he’s doing!  WHEEEEEEEEE



That oughta do it.  Goodnight.



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