Get to Know Your Neighbors!

So I was planning on writing this post in Feb 2018.  I know this because I saved it as a draft.  Since then, kind of a lot has happened!  I had surgery, separated with my wife (divorce pending), moved twice (once in with a VERY good friend for a couple months, and once into my own apartment), and have had a bunch of other ups and downs in my life.  Still, the theme is solid and carried over from my old place to the new.

I’ve met a grip (do people still use this slang?) of people here at my new apartment since I moved in September.  Most of them are nice enough, but haven’t been social enough to take a relationship past “saying hi in the hallways.”  However, I have met one couple who are awesome and we hang out at least once a week.  We’ll call them “Peter and Lindsey” (because those are their names).

P&L are great peeps, but this post is not about them.  It’s about me.  Because it’s my blog, and I make the rules.  And this blog is about having good neighbors.  And BEING a good neighbor.  But mostly having them.  But it’s wicked important to be a good neighbor too.  Because if you’re not a good neighbor, then you can’t be MY good neighbor, and now we’ve come full circle.

Anyway, having good neighbors makes living anywhere so much better.  There are people you can hang out with.  People who have pets that you can play with and not have to clean up after (the pets, not the people).   Here’s a short list of some of the great reasons to have (and be) a great neighbor.

  • Dog Sitters
  • Coffee and adult beverages
  • Playdates – Doggy and Kids
  • Block Parties
  • Safety and Security
  • Fresh Fruit from Neighborhood Trees
  • New Friends!
  • Borrowing household goodsSOmeoNe tO lEt YoU knoW iF yOu’rE caPitAliZing WoRDs sTrangeLy.
  • They can introduce you to their single friends (HEY PETER AND LINDSEY!  INTRODUCE ME TO YOUR SINGLE FRIENDS).

And innumerable other things that I won’t be numerating here.  There’s too many numers (spelling intentional).  But the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT reason to have good neighbors is:

Sorry, I have no idea.  Sometimes I start a sentence hoping the answer will come to me but as you can see it doesn’t always work.  In this case, I think the reality is there are hundreds of good reasons to have and be a good neighbor, and none to not.  None to not sounds weird, but I like saying it so I’m leaving it.

In conclusion, don’t be a jerk.  ESPECIALLY don’t be a jerk to people who live in your neighborhood.  But ESPECIALLY especially just don’t be a jerk to people.  Or animals.  Follow the holy trinity of wholesomeness:

trinity of wholesomeness

Follow the advice of these 3 amazing people and we’ll all be a-okay.  As always, thanks for reading and you’re welcome!

Living the Dream,

Humble Dave