Product Review #2 – French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

This is my first French Press coffee maker. I’ve enjoyed french pressed coffee at restaurants and my brother-in-law’s house (fancy!), but never had the opportunity or equipment to do it myself. Frankly, I always thought it would be too much trouble. I was SO WRONG!

This french press was pretty easy to use.  I mean, it’s still coffee, right?  Grounds and hot water?

I took the same finely ground coffee I usually use and put it in the bottom of the carafe. I cheated a bit and instead of heating water just put the carafe under my keurig spout! 2 1/2 fills on the max setting was just the right amount of hot water. Let it sit for 1 minutes, stirred the “bloom” (fancy word for the coffee grounds that float on top), let it sit for another 3 minutes and BOOM, the fanciest coffee ever made in my house!

I was nervous that some grounds might slip through but the multiple screen-layers kept all of the grains out of the coffee.

Cleanup was easy enough.  Although not as easy as just throwing away a k-cup, it’s definitely better for the environment! I dumped the grounds into a tupperware (we sprinkle them on our garden), rinsed out the carafe and cleaned the screen under warm water and… well… done. This was about as easy as I could have hoped.

I received this French Press at a discount in exchange for my review. This was an easy one. It worked as advertised with no issues whatsoever. I definitely recommend with no hesitation. Enjoy!

Product Link (There are many but I tested this one):

 Amazon – French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle

Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for testing and reviewing it.  All opinions are my own.