SOONGO Mechanical Wired Floating Keys Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard

Listen, I want to be honest with you.  I’m not much of a gamer.  I like and appreciate computer games, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to them anymore.  I am, however, on a computer all day for work.  And over the years I’ve used a variety of keyboards.
Wired, wireless, bluetooth (with and without dongle.  Oh how I hate the dongle), noisy, quiet-key, etc.  I’m also old enough to remember typewriters, and my family even had smith-corona-typewriter-w-case-corsair-deluxeone. For those of you who have used a typewriter, there’s a very satisfying “KA-CHUNK” every time you hit a key and stamp the paper.  I miss those sounds and tactile feedback.  Well, I’ve found the next best thing.  Mechanical Keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards offer a number of advantages over membrane keyboards.  If you want to read an awesome piece about the differences, check out this piece on “How-To Geek” by Chris Stobing.  He does a better job walking you through the differences than I ever could.  If you want a tl;dr (to long; didn’t read): They’re better, but they cost more.

If you’re a serious gamer you’re probably going to buy an expensive keyboard ($100+).  If you’re ultra-casual (like me) or just going to use it for work because you like the feel (also like me), then you don’t need to spend nearly that much.  The SOONGO is perfect for my needs, and is priced around $40 on Amazon.

It’s a full-sized keyboard including a number pad.  The drivers are self-installing, so it’s completely plug-and-play.  Literally.  You plug it in and within a minute or so it works.  The keys feel great and have an extremely satisfying “click” when you press them.  Additionally their font is unique and gives the whole keyboard a very space-age feel.    The function keys are dual purpose, and will let you control your media, screen, and other things.


Is that it, you ask?  Nope.  Each key is back lit.  There’s a rainbow array of colors.  You can leave them all-on, all-off, or what the instructions refer to as “breathing” which means they slowly fade in and out.  That’s my favorite.

So there you have it!  A great mechanical keyboard for the casual user, as an awesome price.  I should also point out that you get 932 style points for using a keyboard like this at your office when everyone else is using their dumb old dell keyboards that came with the computer and were assigned to them.  SPRUCE UP YOUR WORKSPACE!

Here’s a video I made of the keyboard so you can see the lights and here the clicks.  If you want to feel the keys you’re going to have to buy one yourself.  Enjoy it, I certainly am!

Live the Dream,

-Humble Dave

Amazon Product Link: SOONGO Mechanical Keyboard

Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for testing and review.  My opinions are my own.

Morzzor Gaming Mouse via Werleo

Mice.  Nope, not the squeaking, eaten by cats kind.  The kind you use to move the little arrowy thing on your computer.  Unless you’re all touchscreen.  Hmmm… that’s actually kind of an interesting digression: With how ubiquitous touchscreens are becoming, how many years left does the mouse really have?  Not too many, I’ll bet.  So, if you’re going to use one, you should probably use one that works great, makes computing easier, is super comfortable, and looks AWESOME.  See?

Well, you’re welcome.  I found it.  Also, at around $18.99 (for now, anyway) it doesn’t break the bank.  Let’s tackle this in the categories I listed above, shall we?

It works great.  How great?  SO GREAT!  I mean, this one’s kinda subjective depending on your needs.  My needs are simple.  I don’t need programmable buttons or anything like that, and if you do I’d bet you need a mouse that costs WAY more than $19.  Here’s what I need.  When I move the mouse, the cursor moves.  No skipping or nonsense.  Smoooooooth.  I get that here.  When I click a button, I expect an action to take place.  With this mouse it does.  Good.

But what about all these buttons?  I’ll break them down for you: You have your normal 20161004_083030left/right click buttons.  Cool.  A mouse missing those is not a mouse.  It also has your often-standard scroll wheel which is also a button.  You know what that does.  It scrolls and scroll-locks.  “But Dave, what are the two other buttons in the middle?”  I’ll tell you.  The uppermost button is a triple click.  For gaming you can use it to fire multiple shots.  At work (and yes, I use this at work.  More on this later) I use it to conveniently open files I’d normally double-click.  Why?  Because I can.  The bottom-middle button controls sensitivity.  How fast does the cursor move when you move the mouse (really it’s dots/inch, but it amounts to the same thing).  There are 4 settings from “slow and steady” to “fast and furious”.  I generally keep it on the second slowest.  I call that “nice and smooth.”  The two buttons on the side, you ask?  Forward and backward.  I’m not going to lie, they take a bit of getting used to.  But it’s all about convenience, isn’t it?  No more clicking the back button in Chrome because I’ve got it right on my mouse.  BOOM.

Since I obviously covered “makes computing easier” along with “works great,” let’s move on to super comfortable.  It’s super comfortable.  The thumb rest is awesome, and on the other side is a nice indent for your ring finger giving you great grip and control.  Your fingers lay gently on the long L/R buttons.  Comfort.

Did I mention it looks awesome?  It does.  IT’S ORANGE!  I HAVE AN AWESOME ORANGE MOUSE!  You don’t.  But you could.  Remember that.  Sure, it comes in black too.  But… why?  ORANGE!  STAND OUT! I’m using it in my office.  Black monitor, black varidesk, black keyboard, black speakers… boring.  ORANGE MOUSE!  BOOM!

Oh, it lights up.  Did I mention that?  I might have forgotten.  It lights up under the main buttons and the Morzzor branding.  You can change the color using a button combo listed in the instructions.  In fact, you can see me do it here in my video:

So there you have it.  I’ve literally found nothing about this that I don’t like.  It’s comfy, works great, looks awesome, and has all the functionality I need.  Also, it’s relatively inexpensive.  Enjoy!

Live the Dream!
-Humble Dave

Amazon Link:
Morzzor Gaming Mouse sold by Werleo – $18.99 (as of 10-5-16)

Disclosure: I received this mouse at a discount from Werleo in exchange for testing and reviewing it.  I received no other compensation of any kind.  All my reviews are my own Humble opinion.