I ALWAYS loved to touch things.  Buttons HAD to get pushed.  Switches MUST be flipped.  The two most common phrases I heard growing up were “David, keep your hands to yourself,” and “David, put your hands in your pockets.”  I’m a very tactile person.


I’ve also always had a knack for breaking things.  I don’t really know why, and it carries over to this day.  I play rough.  If something wouldn’t open at a “normal” application of force, I immediately tried “MAX FORCE!”  Believe me, things opened.  I think my parents started looking for nearly indestructible toys that I could put together and take apart at a very early age (like Construx and Erector sets.  Or blocks of wood).   Later, they would give me things that were already broken and I could open it up and explore to my hearts content.

I remember when our first family computer (Commodore Vic 20) broke and I had the opportunity to take it apart.  I have no idea how many hours I spent on that thing.  I wasn’t particularly organized about it.  Pieces came off and went into a plastic box with no labeling, rhyme or reason.  Just “pop!” off came another whatchamacallit, into the box it goes!  So much fun.

Anyway, the point of this long story is that I like handling things, making them work, exposing flaws, and ultimately rendering it inoperable.  Trust me, if something is likely to be broken during normal use by a person, I’m your guy.

Hey, cool tablet!  Can I check it out? 😉

Living the dream,
-Humble Dave

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